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The original songs on this album were inspired by the timeless works of Antonio Carlos Jobim - and contemporary composers Celso Fonseca and Ivan Lins. This project is the result of combining 60s era Brazilian Bossa Nova - and a new wave of Bay Area Jazz. The result is Bossa from the East Bay - "Bossa510".

Composers John and David Vargas set out to tell stories about the Bay Area and other places that they have known. These stories are told through the voices, instruments and hearts of Bay Area musicians.

Track Name Time
1 Bossa510 3:18
2 Come With Me 3:04
3 Ocean Breeze 3:04
4 Asilomar 3:59
5 Stranger In Brazil 2:54
6 Maui Moon 4:44
7 Rainy Day In Boracay 4:38
8 Night On Redfish Lake 4:29
9 Summer Take Me Away 3:53
10 Atlantis Lost 4:22
11 Sundown In Pacifica 2:34
12 Cafe In Leblon 3:57
13 Fountain Of Youth 4:15
14 The Bay Trail 3:30
15 Highway 1 2:44
16 Day Is Done 5:37